Linux Screen command

I often find myself wanting to make changes to an application while I am also tailing the logs in order to view my changes in action. Up until recently I would start up two separate ssh sessions in order to accomplish this task. Of course I never bothered to think that this may be a common task which many people before me would seek to solve. Luckly I discovered the screen command. [Read More]

Carlos 2.0

As I mentioned earlier, I am in the process or reorganizing myself for this new year. As part of the Carlos 2.0 project I decided to make Caged Mantis a technology blog where I post some of the fun/challenging things which I have encountered. I have moved all of the old blog posts which were found at Caged Mantis over to my new blog: Amedee Matters. I wanted to separate some of the more personal items over to this new blog. [Read More]

Print Media is Evolving

Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal posted a very interesting link via twitter concerning the state of media. Russ Juskalian of the Columbia Journalism Review interviewed Clay Shirky questioning him on a broad range of topics. What I found particularly interesting were his views on the state of print media. The print media commentary begins on the second segment though I think the entire interview is a great read. Part 1 | Part 2